The Dry Swim Protocol is presented in Dr. Joe Lee Griffin’s book,
“Learn to Swim Before You Get In.”


Factors that contribute to adult blocks are:

  • What you have been told to learn is not what you need to learn first.
  • Nonswimming adults do not learn at all well when wet.
  • Compared to children, adults play too little and think too much.
  • Adults easily fall into the trap of trying to swim "right" instead of having fun or being comfortable.
  • Adults are often impatient.
  • Adults tend to learn mentally rather than physically.
  • Adults often don't trust the functional nonconscious.
  • Adults don't release well to the second stage of learning.

    Fortunately, these blocks are not hard to overcome, with the right approach.

You may be surprised that grown-up abilities, like analytic skill, will power, and trying hard, nearly always tend to block both physical learning and athletic performance. This is true despite some notable exceptions like Pete Rose and Ty Cobb.

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